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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet marketing, the basis for any online shopper would be grave. SEO is a way to get your site SERPs (search engine page results position) in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (the top three search engines, many others), and not much traffic.
Now there are two types of optimization for search engines, including a hand and off-site. Now that the search engine experts have come to the conclusion that the off-page optimization of a more powerful and effective for your site optimization ranking, the increase has been put in place to improve your position.

What is SEO Sit?
On the one hand, the search engine optimization is the best in the pages of your site's visibility in the SERPs. Here are five things you can do for your position on the page better. These are things that I am on my Web pages and works for me.

A. Title Tags
This is the title which appears at the top of a Web page. If you look at the beginning of this article, and also the first indexed someone a lot of things to find the title tag is the title of this article. Make sure it contains important documents, and is designed to be there when it comes to performance car. Make sure that the characters of your Title 65. And no restriction on the performance of your most important keywords.
And to choose no more than 65 characters, it is very important; otherwise your work will be hidden in SERP.
And make sure the title of each page must be unique and be seen with other keywords.

B. H1 Tags
Make sure that your main keywords in H1 tag somewhere on the page you want to show in SERP. Ideally, you want to appear in the top of the page. Includes an H1 tags on your site's each and every page.

C. Meta Description
Your Meta description is a brief description is found in the SERPs when your site appears in search results to a potential customer. Want to ensure that your most important keywords are in your description and make a link to your website for anyone who clicked for more information about the products on your web site to learn or services described.

D. Meta Keywords
strictly suggest to Web master for putting important keywords you want your pages to evaluate. Remember that do not repeat the same keywords words more than 3 times. For example, if you have a website selling fitness equipment that you have a query with the word "institution was" for them. Please limit your keyword / concept with the word "case"3.
E. Main keywords link at the end of your website
it’s a secret that I have found my advantage over my competitors. Let your most important documents you want the hyperlink to a main site (from your place of residence) and look at the end of the page. Increasing the power of this place with a number of documents at the end of each page on your website.
So there you have it, the secret tips 5 I think your will get position to improve your website on search engines. This is all the more you can do to make your site on search engine ranking to improve, and I love to show you how.
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